Youlbury day 1 update!

Year 5 arrived at Youlbury after a slow and windy drive down lots of very narrow lanes! The children were welcomed by Youlbury staff, had lunch, unpacked their bags and made there beds (“HOW DO PARENTS DO THIS?!” Wailed Alex as he struggled with his sheet).

The rooms are warm and cosy with ensuite  toilets and are being kept very neat and tidy!

The children participated in two afternoon activities before tea:

Miss Davis’ group loved our backwoods cooking- we made pizzas, chocolate rolls and then finally, chocolate bananas. Patrick and Mason were in charge of cooking the pizzas, Megan and Fin were in charge of making the fresh dough for the chocolate rolls. After the cooking session we all did Leap of Faith. This involves being attached to a harness and climbing a vertical pole, standing on the top and then taking a ‘jump’ onto a suspend bar. The children really supported each other and were able to overcome their fears and all go higher than they ever expected- lots of children (and Miss Davis and Miss Rayfield) took the leap of faith!


Mr Williams’ group shot for gold in archery – with Harry setting an amazing standard for others to follow with 21 out of 30. They followed this with some fantastic team work during crate stacking: helping Madison and Cory climb to an eye-watering 10 crates high!


Mrs Howell’s group conquered their fears during crate stacking with several members (including Mrs Howell) defying gravity to reach new heights. They followed this with a super display on the archery range where it rained 10s.


Miss Rayfield’s group started the afternoon with a 6 meter leap of faith, facing so many fears! Next we moved onto some fantastic team work in the crate stacking..Poppy helped the team along by telling them ‘to think of their favourite dream of flying..because that’s the only thing that could go wrong!’

Mr Ottaway’s group scaled the climbing wall and then showed brilliant team work to build a buggy from wooden poles, planks and empty oil drums.