Year 4 visit to the British Museum

Year 4 enjoyed going back several thousand years to the time of the Ancient Egyptians when they visited the British Museum. The children enjoyed a talk on how and why the Egyptians mummified dead people. It was quite gory at times with the museum’s expert going into detail about how the brain was removed then fed to dogs and where they stored all the other organs! The speaker also informed us that due to advances in technology it is no longer necessary to unwrap mummies to study them as CT scanning is used instead.

After this the children were free to explore the relevant galleries in the museum.

In the Egyptian sculpture gallery the children really got a better understanding of the colossal size of the structures that were built at the time. They were also able to view sarcophagi covered in hieroglyphics. In the galleries upstairs the children learned more about Egyptian life, death and afterlife, with many mummies on display.