Year 4 visit to the Baptist Church

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This week, Year 4 visited the Baptist Church in Eynsham as part of the school’s commitment to exposing children to different faiths and places of worship. Revd. Zolta Biro met us at the church door and escorted us in to see inside.

Revd. Biro explained that the church was built in 1818 and so was just over 200 years old. At that time, Eynsham had a bit of a problem with too much drinking due to the large number of pubs in the village, so the church decided that it would not allow alcohol on its premises. This still stands today and explains why grape juice (to represent Christ’s blood ) is served to parishioners during communion rather than wine. Revd. Biro showed a loaf of bread which is also part of the communion service to represent Christ’s body and some gluten-free wafers which are used instead for any people who are wheat intolerant.

The baptistry was uncovered so that the children were able to see what it was like to go down into it and how deep it was. Revd. Biro demonstrated the immersion process which takes place during the baptism ceremony. The children also explored other areas of the church and asked lots of interesting questions.To  end  the  visit  the  children  were  able  to  try  some  grape  juice.