Year 3 – Theme Day!

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Today, Year 3 had a fantastic Theme Day as explorers! We started the morning with Jonathan Jungle and his incredible creatures. We met Maisie, an African giant black millipede; different stick insects; a pink toed tarantula; and Goldie, a Taiwanese beauty snake. Some of our brave children even dared to have a nose kiss with Goldie! Have a look at his website to meet some of this amusing animals: 

We learnt more about the rainforest and got to represent some of the animals who inhabit the rainforest using fruits. In the afternoon, Pete came from the army to teach us all about survival. We learnt what to pack before an expedition, the principles of survival, how to build a shelter, how to collect and filter water and how to light a fire for cooking! After all this work, we enjoyed some roasted marshmallows and biscuits. S’mores for our hard work today!