Each class from years 1 to 6 elects a representative to serve on the school council. Additionally, the head boy and girl, alongside Mr Catling, Mrs Howell and the headteacher, serve on the school council making a total of 21 members.


Our School Council meets every two weeks for half an hour at a time. Liam chairs our meetings as the Chancellor and is supported by Lexie, the Vice Chancellor. Alanna acts as the council’s Secretary, supporting the meetings and organising the minutes for each meet. The secretary makes sure the notes and minutes get back to each class representative. Between each meeting, the members of the Council lead a discussion in their classes in order to gain an understanding of the views of the children at Eynsham. This often includes votes, which the members then report the results back to the council at the next meeting.

Please click here to read the School Council meeting minutes for the 2018-2019 school year.

School Council members 2018-19.


Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and the Secretary of school council 2018-19.

The School Council’s Impact

Autumn term, September – December 2018:

Last term, the School Council’s main focus was improving lunchtimes. As a result of the Council’s work the following provisions have now been introduced with the hope of making lunchtimes more enjoyable:

– Extra lunch clubs have been introduced, some of which are now run by the children themselves.

– Additional resources have been purchased, including outdoor games and an extension of the well loved ‘trim trail’.

– Adults have been further trained to run organised games for the children.

– A new lunchtime timetable has been introduced.

– A lunchtime disco, known as Funky Friday, has been introduced.


Spring term, January – April 2019:

In the spring term the focus of the School Council has surrounded anti-bullying. The school is planning on carrying out an audit and writing a new and updated anti-bullying policy for Eynsham Community Primary School, which, Mrs Bayliss wants as much input from the children of the school as possible.

The three main aspects of anti-bullying the Council will focus on this term, as decided by the representatives themselves, will be:

– How well is anti-bullying taught at Eynsham?

– How are instances of bullying handled at Eynsham?

– Is there anything more that could be done to prevent bullying at Eynsham?