What our children say:

I chose chilli challenge 1 and I have now moved onto Chilli 2.  It’s good, it helps train my brain!” (Quote from a Year 3 pupil with special education needs about challenging work they can achieve.)

What I’ve Learned in Lessons by Holly

Great Big Smile by Lia and Ruby


An external School Review undertaken in November 2016 reported that:

  • Pupils are clear about what they are proud of and say they really enjoy the mathematics, art, ‘Big Write’ sessions and the ‘Lunch Time Club’.
  • Pupils say everyone gets on at the school. One pupil said, ‘Staff tell us to think before we speak.’ This means that hurtful words are not often used by pupils. School rules are well known and followed thoughtfully.
  • One pupil said, ‘teachers and staff encourage us but they don’t force us to do things.’