International Day – Year 3

Today we had a wonderful day learning about other countries around the world. We Year 3 focused on Spain and we explored its culture, gastronomy and language. From early in the morning, we learned key words and greetings, as well as some useful vocabulary in order to be able to introduce ourselves in Spanish. We enjoyed some singing learning the lyrics of “La cucaracha” and discovering new flavors with a typical Spanish breakfast: toast with olive oil and sugar. Delicious!

We read about Pablo Picasso’s life and art style, discussed customs like bullfights, cooked our own mouthwatering “empanada” and developed our skills for dancing flamenco like true professionals! We showcased our work at the end of the day for other groups and discussed the great amount of learning we gained today through first hand experiences. Have a look at the pictures!

Pan con aceite y azucar (Toast with olive oil and sugar)



Cooking our “empanadas”. Sorry, they did not last long enough for a picture! They were absolutely delicious!










Flamenco professionals, following the rhythm with our hands and feet. Brilliant!