At Eynsham Community Primary School we have invested a great deal of time in reviewing our entire curriculum to ensure we are providing children with exciting and engaging skills-based learning. Through our Creative Curriculum and the statutory subjects of EnglishMathsScienceComputingPhysical Education and Religious Education we develop children’s abilities, interests and potential in order to prepare them for the next steps in their educational journey and beyond. We use a broad range of teaching strategies that take into account the varied and individual ways in which children learn, in order to foster engagement, motivation and creativity.

These strategies include outdoor learning.  This is led by our Outdoor Learning curriculum group, which comprises: Mrs Paula Emmett (Chair), Miss Anna Floyd, Mrs Lindsey Gidlow and Mr James Hazel.


Curriculum Coordinators

The curriculum for each phase of the school is coordinated as follows:

The Early Years Foundation Stage – Mrs Paula Emmett and Mr Richard Gidlow

Key Stage 1 – Miss Anna Floyd

Key Stage 2 – Mrs Donna Roberts


The Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum is based on skills progression and a series of key experiences we wish the children to have whilst they are at our school.

Key elements of the Creative Curriculum are:

  • A WOW day to engage all children with each new topic
  • Opportunities for children to have an input into their learning
  • The chance to compose, make, do, build, investigate, explore, collaborate, apply numeracy skills, read and write across the curriculum
  • Opportunities for the application of skills, knowledge and understanding in real-life contexts
  • The chance to become performers, experts and informers
  • The sharing and celebration of achievements with classmates, parents/carers and the wider school community

Our curriculum develops children’s social and emotional skills and prepares them for life in 21st century Britain through teaching them about democracy and core British values.


What our Children Think of our Curriculum

We are very proud of our new curriculum. This is what some of our children say about it:

“I really liked the World War 2 WOW day because it made you think about what it would have been like during the 1940s.” Berryn (Cougars)

“We are learning about History through Super Heroes and I’m really enjoying it.” Isla (Badgers)

“It’s great because we are learning about a fun topic that relates to our country.” Arthur (Dolphins)

“I like how we stay on the same topic and don’t keep swapping – it is easier to remember things.” Janay (Leopards)

“I like that we get to share our topic work with our parents and the WOW days are fun.” Matthew (Pumas)

More information on particular subjects and age groups can be found by clicking on the links in the drop down menu.