Headteacher’s Blog 6.9.17

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It has been lovely today walking around the school and seeing the children engrossed in a variety of activities already.  Something in particular I saw a lot of was children reading, or selecting their reading books.  This led to some lovely conversations with them, including two Year 6s who just couldn’t put their books down during the lunch break.  A good number of the older children were reading one of the Harry Potter books, and were really enthusiastic in talking about them with me.

During the holidays I came across an article entitled ‘Harry Potter: How the boy wizard enchanted the world’, which I planned to share on my blog at some point.  Talking to the children today, and the fact that the 1st September 2017 was the day that Harry Potter’s youngest son started Hogwart’s, has prompted me to share this now.


Mischief managed.

Mr M