Exciting visitors in Owls Class

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On Monday (11th November) we had a visit from Skylar’s mum and little sister as part of our interest in babies. We all had a turn at giving her a bottle and then helping to bath her. Skylar’s mum was really impressed with how gentle and kind the children were.

Babies have to drink special milk.
Babies wash their hair with special baby shampoo.
Babies need to be dried with a soft, warm towel.

Afterwards everyone got to hold the baby and ask some questions.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day we found a little hedgehog wondering around the Foundation garden during the day. We looked on the internet and it told us that there might be something wrong with the hedgehog because it should have been asleep. Mrs Emmett phoned the rescue centre and they told her to take it to the vets. After a night at the vets getting warmed up and having some yummy cat food, the hedgehog was well enough to come back to the garden. Mrs Emmett put him in a secret location so he can eat lots and get ready to hibernate for the winter.

Can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings!!!!