History and geography form the basis of most of our termly topics or themes at ECPS. For example, ‘War and Peace’ in Year 5 is a history-led topic exploring the events of 1939-45, while ‘Around the World’ in Year 1 is a geography-led topic that develops pupils’ locational knowledge and map skills.

In history, pupils learn about significant periods in British and global history (such as World War 2 and the Viking and Anglo Saxon invasions of Britain) as well as Ancient civilisations (such as the Greeks and Romans) and how key themes have changed throughout history (for instance, how streets have changed in appearance and usage from Roman Britain to the modern era).

In Geography, pupils develop their locational knowledge (such as learning the names of the continents and oceans of the world, identifying the equator and tropics etc.); their map and geographical enquiry skills; and their understanding of human and physical geography (such as urban development, natural features such as mountains, rivers etc.).