Woodlands residential, day 4…

Well, the week has flown past, and we can’t believe it is the last full day. Again, the children continue to impress the staff and instructors with their resilience and determination. Group 1 took part in a mountain walk, battling the elements and conquering fears – a real highlight. Group 2 climbed the jungle gym high ropes and climbing wall and really challenged themselves. Group 3 and 5 ventured into the depths of the caves, learning to help and support each other to overcome difficulties. Group 4 canoed and learned to communicate with each other to complete their task…and Mrs Legget eventually learned how to get into a canoe!


Woodlands residential, day 3…

As we are heading to bed on day three of the residential, the adults are all reflecting on how amazing the year 6 children are. Everyone has demonstrated perseverance, determination and spirit in all of the days challenges, and they are representing our school perfectly. 

Group 1 and group 5 canoed with skill down the canal, groups 2 and 4 explored the depths of the caves and group 3 climbed to victory on the high ropes and climbing wall.

We are all a little tired, but we all have big smiles on our faces and we are looking forward to tomorrow’s exciting events!


Woodlands residential, day 2…

We are continuing to have an amazing time, after having had a fantastic day full of activity and working well together as teams.

Each group are giving 100%, using listening and cooperation skills, and supporting each other – whether caving, canoeing, climbing the high rope obstacles or walking up one of the highest mountains in Wales.

We are all facing fears, achieving so much and above all, having fun!

Year 6 Residential

Hello from Woodlands, Glasbury!

Bobcats and Pumas have arrived safely at the Woodlands centre, and we have already had a busy start to our residential week. 

After a tour of the centre, we all took part in team building games, testing our problem solving skills with physical challenges. Then, after a delicious fish and chip dinner, we went on a night time walk up a mountain and viewed the stars and enjoyed the tranquility of nature. 

We are all settling in for a good night sleep, ready for a busy day tomorrow! 



Autumn Term 2019

This term, we have a very exciting topic, called ‘A Greek Odyssey’. We will be learning all about the life and times of the Ancient Greeks. We have already had a brilliant visit from Lyra, who helped immerse us in our new topic, with games, puzzles, hoplite training and a mini-Olympics! Pictures to follow shortly!

There will be many more exciting lessons and learning coming up, including learning about the Greek myths and legends, making Greek vases, and studying Ancient Greek democracy and rulers, including Alexander the Great.



Meet the Team


Mr Ian Jackson – Bobcats

Mr Nick Wyatt – Pumas

Teaching Assistants
Mrs Debbie Goodall – Bobcats

Mr Harry Catling – Pumas

The children also engage with sports coaching with Premier Soccer.

Year Group Information