Science Week

Year 6 pupils met Stumpy the three-legged alligator as part of Science Week.



Primary Pop!

Year 6 are very excited about the upcoming Primary Pop concert at the Centre for Music, Oxford on Tuesday the 12th March.

Please find the links for the songs we will be performing below, and practise as much as you can. We are going to sound spectacular!

Spring Term.

2019 has started off in an exciting way for year 6. We arrived back to find a shipwreck in the playground and several clues which led to the discovery of a stranger. Consequently, we decided to study the texts ‘The Island’ by Armin Greder and ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo, to help us understand how someone might feel after being deserted in a strange place. 

This term we will have a geography focused topic, entitled ‘Swept Away’. 

Bobcats class with the shipwreck discovery.



Welcome to Year Six!

Residential update 18/10/18.

Again, the children continue to amaze us with their perseverance and determination during the activities. Today, each group challenged themselves, and it’s been brilliant to see communication, independence and compassion develop throughout the week. Group 1 experienced the adrenaline rush of the zipwire and high ropes course, whilst groups 2 and 3 explored the rocky depths of the caves. Well done Bobcats and Pumas! The week is flying by quickly – only one more day to go.

In other news, Mr Wyatt is doing fine – he will not be beaten by any twig!

Residential update 17/10/18.

Whatever activity the children have tackled today, whether it be exploring in the dark depths of the caves (group 1), canoeing down the cool waters of the canal (group 2) or scaling the heights of the climbing wall or the high ropes course, the children have shown enormous amounts of courage and determination and have done themselves proud. Everyone is having a thoroughly enjoyable time…except perhaps for Mr Wyatt, who has somehow managed to puncture his right foot on a stray twig whilst strolling along the canal tow path. After a brief trip to A&E, however, he returned, limping valiantly. Heroes all round – both children and adults! 

Residential update 16/10/18.

All children have had an active, fantastic day. Group 1 and group 3 had a day of canoeing on the canal. The children learned to paddle, persevere and communicate effectively with each other to successfully circumnavigate the waterway. Group 2 climbed up a beautiful mountain to experience the views, and experienced the pitch blackness of a disused railway tunnel. All of the children are having a wonderful time, showing that they are ready, respectful and responsible – doing the school proud! Well done year 6!

Residential update 15/10/18.

Pumas and Bobcats arrived safely at the Woodlands Centre, Glasbury. Having settled into their rooms and groups, the children took part in team building exercises and have made a very positive start to what we are sure will be a fantastic week.


Our Key Stage 2 classes work closely together, coordinated by the Upper School Phase Leader (Mr Ian Jackson). Year Six are organised into two classes: Puma Class and Bobcat Class.


Meet the Team


Mr Ian Jackson – Bobcats

Mr Nick Wyatt – Pumas

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Deborah Goodall

Mrs Cathrine Barrett (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

The children also engage with sports coaching with Premier Soccer.

Year Group Information