Super survivors!!

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“Today we went into the marsh with a soldier! We learnt about tools, weapons and shelters and all things you would need if you were going to survive.” Hari P-Penguins “We also learnt about water purifiers and about how to … Continued

Year 3 – Theme Day!

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Today, Year 3 had a fantastic Theme Day as explorers! We started the morning with Jonathan Jungle and his incredible creatures. We met Maisie, an African giant black millipede; different stick insects; a pink toed tarantula; and Goldie, a Taiwanese … Continued

Year 2 Library visit

Last week Year 2 had their second trip to the library. They had a fantastic time and particularly enjoyed playing the ‘Alphabet game’! The children explored ordering authors by their surname, which will help them find books in the library. … Continued

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