Each class from Year 1 to Year 6 elects a representative to serve on the School Council.  Additionally, the Head Boy and Head Girl and the Headteacher, serve on the Council, making a total of 15 members.

Our School Council meets every two weeks, for half-an hour.  Lilah chairs our meetings, and Libby acts as lead secretary, supported by Keiren and Audrey.  During each meeting we work through an agenda that has been prepared beforehand, and the secretary team ensures that notes from the meeting, and other important information, get back into classes.  On the week that the School Council doesn’t meet, so every two weeks, the school council members lead a discussion in their classes to seek people’s view, often voting on what to send back to the next School Council meeting.

Please click here to read the most recent School Council meeting minutes.

The School Council’s Impact


Priorities for the Rest of this Year


School Council 2018-19