The senior leadership team, governors and EPA leaders work together to create the School Development Pan (SDP), which drives our improvement each year.  This is reviewed regularly, and updates will be uploaded accordingly.

Please click here to read the 2017/18 School Development Plan

3-5 yr Strategic Plan

In April 2015 staff, governors, the EPA school improvement officer and local partners (including the Orchard Children’s Centre Manager, Eynsham Pre-School Committee Chair and Manager) utilised leadership review and aspiration presentations, and analysis of recent stakeholder school priority identification, to work together to evaluate and develop the 3-5 Year Strategic Overview.  This followed a period of rapid change for the school, and aimed to ensure the plan encapsulates the school’s needs and aspirations moving forward.  Priorities identified in the previous overview (created in Autumn 2013) had on the whole been achieved and we did not wish to rest on our laurels but rather push forward to achieve the best possible provision for our children.

Year 5

Eynsham as a Centre of Excellence

  • Statutory assessment data above the National average
  • Good Ofsted grading
  • Successful Schools Direct teacher training programme
  • ArtsMark Gold

Capital projects to support School Improvement

·         Internal redevelopment – creation of more traditional classroom spaces

·         Development of swimming pool

·         Designated space for art and design

·         Investment in the Marsh area

·         Roof replacement

Years 2 – 3
2016 – 2018

Developing and Celebrating the Whole Child

Attachment training for all staff

ArtsMark achieved

School orchestra established

Established Mindfulness programme

Greater pupil choice

Enhancing the Curriculum

Embrace communication-friendly classrooms approaches, including spoken language focus

Renew Eco Schools Award

Valuing and Investing in Adults

Philosophy for Children Level 1 training for teachers

Attachment training for staff

Ongoing CPD cycle – Questioning, Learning Objectives

T & L Handbook development

Strengthening Partnerships

Develop EPA Service arm

Joint EPA ICT procurement and support

Clear leadership development programmes and opportunities

Embed inter-school working and opportunities

Year 1
2015 – 2016

Developing and Celebrating the Whole Child

Develop strong Values programme

New Safeguarding training for staff inc new statutory guidance, CSE, DA and Prevent Duty*

Development of pupil profiles

Introduce new ways of celebrating range of achievements

Enhancing the Curriculum

Embed the new curriculum

Implement new Mathematics curriculum

Incorporate Thinking, Talking, Doing Science approaches

Utilise Philosophy for Children approaches

Enhance existing provision for sports/PE, outdoor learning, RE, computing, performing and creative arts

Valuing and Investing in Adults

Establish Teaching and Learning lead teachers

Develop more rigorous appraisal and CPD cycle

Embedding new staffing structure

Strengthening Partnerships

Establish new EPA staff support networks

Develop and implement new Teaching and Learning Handbook

Work together to provide greater inter-school opportunities in sports/PE and the arts

Closer working with Eynsham Pre-School

* Child Sexual Exploitation, Domestic Abuse and Prevent Duty

Stakeholder INSET

The five most popular priorities from Stakeholder questionnaires were:

  1. Secure Reading, Writing and Maths skills, above the National Average.
  2. Practical life skills
  3. Developing thinking skills
  4. Developing the indoor environment
  5. Opportunities to try a wide range of new experiences