We are currently reviewing our curriculum statement for mathematics.  At our school we teach the subject through the Early Years Foundation Stage for our youngest children, then the National Curriculum for our Key Stage 1 and 2 children.

We have enjoyed great success using the Big Maths approach to improve children’s mathematical fluency, and are now concentrating on developing their problem-solving and reasoning skills.

Please check back soon for our updated statement, as well as guidance on how to help at home and our new Calculation Policy.  In the meantime, the previous version is available below.

Maths is taught every day in each year group, in progressive lessons which follow the Primary Mathematics Framework. Children are taught in groups of varying sizes, the learning objectives depending on the next step that those children need. We use APP target stickers to set the children key maths targets that help them make fast progress. Children’s progress is monitored closely, ensuring that they consolidate their understanding at each stage, and gain confidence and independence with key calculation methods.

We believe it is very important that children see a close relationship between Maths and the rest of the curriculum, and their lives out of school. Teachers use a variety of stimulating demonstration equipment and a wide range of practical and enjoyable activities to help children understand key mathematical concepts and strategies. Topic links are utilised to provide a variety of relevant and engaging contexts for problem-solving.  Children are taught to use a wide range of mathematical language and concepts to both talk and write about their maths.