Headteacher’s Blog 8.9.17 – Austin’s Butterfly

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I promised the children in assembly today that I would post the video of Austin’s Butterfly so that they could watch it again or share with the big people at home, if they wished.

During today’s assembly I reminded the children about our new school charter, and the idea of respecting ourselves, one another and our surroundings.  I talked about having a positive attitude and good manners, and also about how they should all be leaving school tired each day having jolly well worked their socks off in lessons.

I then handed over to Mrs Roberts, whom I had asked to share a video she had told me about called Austin’s Butterfly.  She showed it, and discussed the messages we receive from it, messages about perseverance, constructive feedback and striving for excellence.

The video is self-explanatory – enjoy!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr M