Headteacher’s Blog 1.2.18

I have just been approached by a very excited Year 1 teacher, who was keen to share one of her children’s pieces of independent writing with me.  Well, it was a lovely finish to the school day, with its rich language, ideas and sentence construction.  So, I thought I would share it with you all as my latest blog post, for you all to enjoy.

Mr M

Once upon a time in a deep dark wood, there lived an ugly troll that was so ugly that no-one dared to go there.  One day the troll woke up.  He decided to go hunting for food, and off he went.  Just then, a mouse scuttled along the path.  Slowly and silently he crept up to him.  Then he pounced on the mouse and et him! 

Just then a fox bounded along the path.  They had a fight.  The fox won, and the ugly troll got killed.  

And the fox walked back to his cave, and the wood fell silent and the ugly troll was never to be seen again.  Now everybody goes into the wood, and everyone lived happily ever after.


Ava, Year 1